Here is a complete range of accessories for fire detectors, including rotating mounts, extending arms, steel cages, protective covers...

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Protection cage for detector

Protection cage for detector. Crédits :

Steel cage for smoke detectors. Vandalism protection.

Ref.: AGAV0001

Rotating detector mount

Rotating detector mount. Crédits :

This rotating fire detector mounting device keeps detectors in the desired horizontal position.

Ref.: ASDI0001

Extension for rotating detector mount

Extension for rotating detector mount. Crédits :

This extension for rotating detector mounting devices keeps detectors 500 mm away from walls or ceilings.

Ref.: ARSI0001

Technical void detector mount

Technical void detector mount. Crédits :

Technical space detector mount. Rotates 180° for servicing detectors installed in technical space.

Ref.: ASDF0001

Protective cover for detector

Protective cover for detector. Crédits :

Protective cover for smoke detectors. Protects detectors during dusty work and avoid triggering detectors inadvertently.

Ref.: ACHP0001