Extinguisher servicing

This section includes powder extraction equipment, clamping devices, lamps, kits, scales, storage cases, trolleys, sandboxes, buckets, shovels, break-glass cabinet, key boxes, cabinets, accessories for fire extinguishers, pliers, signs, and seals.


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Discoverour range of accessories for extinguishers, which will help you in the extinguisherservicing : sealing pliers, plastic seals or telescopic mirror.

Servex trolley

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Cordia's Servex trolley facilitates transportation and maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire safety tools. Lightweight and foldable.


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A range of boxes from break-glass cabinets to emergency key boxes, hammers, fire safety document cabinets, and lockable boiler room desks.

Design products

Design products. Crédits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021
Dandy, a touch of style.

Perfectly concealing your fire extinguisher, these very discreet cabinets will not alter the harmony of your room. Very easy to install, the Dandy protection does not require any fixing.

Mobile protection barrier

Mobile protection barrier. Crédits :
Fast and easy to set up, Cordia lightweight protection tents and articulated barriers for temporary shelter or preventing public from accessing the incident area.

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