Wireless alarm units

Cordia is a specialist in radio technology for security systems. Everything is designed to be easy to install, plug & play and requires no configuration. 

RGP fire range

RGP fire range. Crédits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021
Our series of wireless fire alarm units. Radio communication with no setting required. Operating callpoint triggers alarm on all units.

Fire extinguisher stands

Fire extinguisher stands. Crédits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

On a building site, the risk of fire is increased. The fire alarm is often out of order, while the construction brings an additional threat. Thanks to the fire extinguisher stand, this is no longer a fatality.

  • Plug and play.
  • Fully equipped stands.
  • No fixing, no setting required.

Wireless alarm units - AGYLUS

Wireless alarm units - AGYLUS. Crédits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

AGYLUS, a vision ahead

The wireless alarm units AGYLUS ensures a high reliability of its radio signal thanks to its integrated security technologies. This ensures that it will be operational on the day it is needed. Since an alarm is more often on standby than active, it is essential that the wireless alarm AGYLUS devices monitor themselves and report their status (low battery, communication failure, etc.). The advanced security functions of the AGYLUS meet these security and signal reliability requirements:

  • Redundant and secure radio protocol.
  • Intelligent self-monitoring with "Watch Dog" technology.
  • Preserved security in degraded mode.
  • LoRa radio technology.

With AGYLUS, you only need to install one network of wireless sounder and beacon for fire and emergency sound. This means significant savings ! The agility of the system allows you to broadcast the desired sound at any point :

  1. If you press a wireless fire alarm unit, the fire sound is spread to all the products.
  2. If you press a wireless emergency alarm unit, the sound of an emergency alert is played on all products.

The remote control allows you to initiate the emergency alert anywhere in the building. Emergency alerts may be caused by flooding, terrorist attack, earthquake for example.

AGYLUS Éloquence : Safety Sound Ecosystem

AGYLUS Éloquence : Safety Sound Ecosystem. Crédits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021
The AGYLUS that speaks to you

Audio, voice, and visual alerts.
Customizable voice messages.
Synchronous announcements.

AGYLUS éloquence allows you to equip your building with a personalized sound ecosystem according to your needs, in a fast, simple, reliable, and secure way. A plug & play and a connected radio solution allows you to broadcast the sound you want, where you want, when you want. With its eloquent sound quality, AGYLUS Eloquence also benefits from a technology that allows the broadcasting of synchronous announcements between the different sound points.

As soon as the message is spoken and customizable, the uses are endless : lockdown alert, incivility, terrorist attack, aggression, emergency alert, fire, evacuation, health risk, welcome announcement, aggression alert, and even silent alarm...anything can be imagined.