Stress generators

Stressit works perfectly with smoke generators to create more realistic training sessions.

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Evakit. Crdits :

Impressive way of enhancing fire training scenarios combining smoke, light and sound effects in one tool.

Ref.: FEVA0080

Stressit (audio-visual effect simulator)

Stressit (audio-visual effect simulator). Crdits :

This audio-visual effect simulator is the ideal fire safety training tool. Stressit works perfectly with smoke generators and helps create more realistic situations thanks to its 7 scenarios of 5 minutes and 7 interactive sounds. Stressit is also Smartway compatible.

Ref.: FSAS0080

Pack Stressit Smartway

Pack Stressit Smartway. Crdits :

Control Stressit through Smartway. With tablet interface, Stressit becomes user friendly.

Ref.: FPST0080