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What are Fire Hose Reels?

Fire Hose Reels are an essential equipment for firefighting. They are all the time connected to water supply and can therefore be used to combat any potential fire risk. They are ideal for large high risk environments such as schools, hotels, factories, etc.

Fire Hose Reel Cabinet heaters

Fire Hose Reel Cabinet heaters. Crédits : © 2021
Cordia’s fire hose reel cabinet heater is the best protection against the risk of frost, especially in winter. Completely covering the fire hose reel, this tarpaulin allows it to be frost-resistant thanks to its integrated heating functions (adjustable temperature).
Dimensions can be adapted to the size of your Fire Hose Reel. Please contact us.

Fire Hose Reel Covers

Fire Hose Reel Covers. Crédits : © 2021

Designed for use with Ø 600 mm and Ø 700 mm hose reels, our Fire Hose Reel cover provides protection against damage whilst allowing easy access for use in the event of emergency. The elasticated fire hose reel cover is lightweight, fits securely in place and has a bright red design for the hose reel to be easily identified.

Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

Fire Hose Reel Cabinet. Crédits : © 2021

What is a Fire Hose Reel Cabinet used for ?

This fire hose storage cabinet is designed to protect your fire hose and equipment from both vandalism and accidental damage. The cabinet also creates one central point to store all of your fire hose equipment, ensuring that it's ready when it needs to be used.

Fire Hose Reel Stand

Fire Hose Reel Stand. Crédits : © 2021

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