Waste disposal :

Fire extinguishing set for waste disposal areas. In case of ambient temperature increase or if temperature exceeds threshold, water is sprayed through ceiling-mounted nozzles. The system is reset after a certain amount of time. Cycle repeats if temperature is still too high.

1 extinguishing panel, TCEX0081.
1 power supply, AALS2417.
1 solenoid valve.
1 heat detector, ADCT0002.
1 steel cage for detector, AGAV0001.
1 stainless extinguishing device:
- Length: 2 m.
- 3 x 3/8'' fitting for additional ramp.
- 2 spraying nozzles. Floor coverage diameter for one nozzle, from 2.5 m high: 2.5 m

Ref.: TKDE0182

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Additional extinguishing device – 2m length

Additional extinguishing device – 2m length. Crdits :

Additional 2 m length of extinguishing line.

Ref.: TEES0002

Additional extinguishing device – 1m length

Additional extinguishing device – 1m length. Crdits :

Additional 1 m length of extinguishing line.

Ref.: TEES0001