Waterproof call point covers

Protection of call points from vandalism and hostile environment.

Clear polycarbonate plastic.

Fitted with waterproof gaskets.

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Red waterproof call point cover

Red waterproof call point cover. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

In its red form, this call point is designed to provide a building's occupants with a method to raise the alarm should a fire be discovered in areas without automatic fire detection or in scenarios where the panel has been programmed with a verification delay.

Ref.: ACPD1103

Yellow waterproof call point cover

Yellow waterproof call point cover. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

The Release Switch is a dual actuation device which provides a means of manually discharging the automatic fire extinguishing system. To operate the Release Switch pull the spring clip safety pin (breaking the seal) and depress the button.

Ref.: ACPD1101

Green waterproof call point cover

Green waterproof call point cover. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

The green call point acts as a door release button to be used in the event of an emergency. When pressed, the call point quickly releases the secured door, allowing occupants to exit the building with ease.

Ref.: ACPD1106