Wireless alarm units - AGYLUS :

Enables the triggering of the emergency alarm in any situation. Choice of 4 emergency sounds depending on the risk.

Input voltage : 1 battery CR2032

IP rating : IP 55
Weight : 50g
Dimensions : L.45 x H.80 x D.14 mm

Ref.: ATPA0063

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Programmable clock

Programmable clock. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

Allows to control the Wireless sounder & beacon AGYLUS to automatically trigger the start/end of course.

Ref.: AHPA4050


Cloud AGYLUS. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

Dedicated multi-site solution. Video-addressed trigger points. Alarm propagation interface.

Ref.: ACPA2300

Wireless sounder and beacon 230V - AGYLUS

Wireless sounder and beacon 230V - AGYLUS. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

Broadcasting : audible and visual alarm, fire and emergency sounds. LoRa radio technology. No setting required. Waterproof (IP 55). Integrated beacon. AGYLUS Smart App.

Ref.: ADIR0230