Fire servicing equipment

Discover our complete family of fire servicing equipment.

Firefighting equipment

Firefighting equipment. Crdits : © 2021

Act quickly before it is too late !

Such equipments are necessary to fight a fire efficiently and to protect people near heat sources. Fire resistant, they allow a total extinction of the flame. You can find a complete range of accessories specially designed for fire risks : shovels, buckets, sandboxes or intervention keys. In general, they are indispensable in high-risk areas.

Extinguisher servicing

Extinguisher servicing. Crdits :
This section includes powder extraction equipment, clamping devices, lamps, kits, scales, storage cases, trolleys, sandboxes, buckets, shovels, break-glass cabinet, key boxes, cabinets, accessories for fire extinguishers, pliers, signs, and seals.

Maintenance servicing Fire Hose Reels

Maintenance servicing Fire Hose Reels. Crdits : © 2021
What are Fire Hose Reels?

Fire Hose Reels are an essential equipment for firefighting. They are all the time connected to water supply and can therefore be used to combat any potential fire risk. They are ideal for large high risk environments such as schools, hotels, factories, etc.

Universal Pressure vents

Universal Pressure vents. Crdits : © 2021
Ideal for inert gas suppression systems (single flow).
Also available for inhibiting gas suppression systems (double flow).
Quick and easy installation.
Thermal insulation 30 to 120 minutes.
4-hour fire rating.

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