About Cordia

Cordia is an independant provider of today’s most extensive range of fire safety solutions and technologies meeting the global needs of fire safety professionals and complying with local standards in a wide range of countries and industries.

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History of Cordia in fire safety equipment and services

Founded by Jean-Yves Maturel (today’s CEO), Cordia have provided fire safety equipement, installation & Servicing since 1987. Since the beginning, our reputation is based on a strong ability to innovate and adapt any fire fighting technology to the specific needs of each country, starting with France standards.

Today, we are expanding throughout Europe and more...

Cordia is now considered as a key actor in the domain of safety equipment and services for european manufacturers and dealers. Our product portfolio is the largest in France (over 1000 individual products) and grows every day. Today, Cordia is strongly expanding its services worldwide. “We are currently delivering our ranges of fire-safety products in many countries, where we are proud to protect and safeguard people and property.” Jean-Yves Maturel, CEO of Cordia. Upload here our 2014 Cordia Fire Safety Products Press release.

As a fire safety provider, Cordia's 2 main commitments

  • We are striving to deliver a customer service that provides state-of-the-art quality on time and on budget.
  • We continually challenge our processes and our R&D teams to create innovative products that result in reliability and cost effectiveness for you

Our well-established commitment to fire safety innovations

Cordia’s fire safety solutions improve safety and security features, thanks to our long term strong commitment to innovation. Every year, we take pride in issuing a new series of innovative products, offering new safety features or increasing their efficiency once on site. You will know more about this strategic choice by reading our Fire Safety Equipement Innovations page.

Current fire safety product catalog

Our domestic catalog includes high quality smoke detectors and generators, fire control equipment, emergency devices, installation equipment, you name it. We not only deliver reliable and sometimes innovative fire safety equipement, we also deliver after sales services and training. Within this online catalog, you may find more than 300 products and this list will expand in the near future. Dont hesitate to order your own free hard copy of our fire safety products catalog.