Since the beginning, Cordia is financing research into improved fire technologies to offer new safety features or increase their efficiency. We take pride in issuing a new series of innovative equipment for fire safety training or fire security every year.

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Why highlighting innovation in fire safety equipment ?

According to our own values, constant Innovation is a key feature in any risk management strategy. Considering innovation in fire prevention, protection or fighting can save you costly waste of time in the life of a project. It’s a long-term approach, always keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness and dependability of the end product. Based on clients feedbacks, most of our fire safety innovative solutions provide better performances or cost-of-ownership. Every year, we take pride in issuing a brand new series of innovative fire safety products, offering new safety features or increasing their effectiveness for a reasonable price.

An example of innovation: Cordia’s flame generator

Cordia was the first in France to design a flame generator producing real flames while ensuring a clean and non-polluting environment for the trainees. The electro-ignition is remote controlled. This flame generator is now one of our best sellers in the world. We also deliver Dust Explosion Generators and many other solutions with innovation inside. Apart from a greatly improved reliability, the fact of bringing innovation to existing or new products give you a significant technological advance on your market. This is important today in a very competitive world. More about Cordia.

All our ranges of fire safety solutions benefit from advanced innovation.

In this area, like in many others, we are very open to any suggestion based on your experience about fire safety, protection, servicing or training. There is nothing more valuable than our clients expertise.