Detectors service :

Flight case for easy transportation and use of Cordia Vicount tester/smoke generator.

9 mm plywood.
Fitted with 4 wheels, 2 brakes, 4 carry handles.
Dimensions: W.880 x H.630 x D.660 mm.

Ref.: AFCG0002

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Suspended ceiling kit

Suspended ceiling kit. Crédits :

Combined with Vicount FT generator, this kit helps test all types of fire detection equipment suspended from ceilings.

Ref.: AKFP0001

Vicount FT (fire detector tester)

Vicount FT (fire detector tester). Crédits :

The Cordia Vicount fire detector tester validates the number of detectors and their efficiency. Simulates fire hazard environments such as wood fires using beech logs, polyurethane foam fires, electrical cable fires...

Ref.: AGFT0001