Detectors service :

The Cordia Vicount fire detector tester validates the number of detectors and their efficiency. Simulates fire hazard environments such as wood fires using beech logs, polyurethane foam fires, electrical cable fires...

Easy and safe to use. No emission of toxic smoke.

CO2 double stage regulator.
2 CO2 pressure cylinders.
1 funnel to fill oil tank.
1 servicing set.
1 technical void adapter.
1 CNPP certificate.
1 user guide.

Technical specifications:
Oil capacity: 1 litre.
Oil type: mineral oil, AHFV0002.
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz.
Consumption: 1400 W.
Warm-up: 30 min.
Operating temperature: -40°C to 50°C.
Propellant gas: high pressure CO2.
Operating pressure: 3 bar.
Compliant with APSAD R7 regulation and CNPP certificate.

Operating modes:
- APSAD R7 mode.
- Atmosphere mode.
- Technical void mode.
- Dropped ceiling mode.

Weight: 19 kg.
Dimensions: W.650 x H.630 x D.230 mm.

Ref.: AGFT0001

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