Training equipment

This category contains a special range of fire equipment dedicated to fire safety training sessions.

Fire flame generators

Fire flame generators. Crédits :
A complete range of fire flame and explosion generators to help you lead your training sessions under conditions that are close to real-life.

Stress generators

Stress generators. Crédits :
Stressit is the only product on the market capable of efficiently simulating stressful situations. As well as being Smartway compatible, Stressit can be also used independently.

Fire training container

Fire training container. Crédits :
Safe, high-tech fire training room fitted with multiple types of training equipment and scenarios for fire security training.

Training extinguishers

Training extinguishers. Crédits : © 2021
For fire training purposes, this Cordia's fire safety equipment increases the autonomy of your fire extinguisher.


Manikins. Crédits :
A very realistic audio-visual effect simulator and various types of manikins for fire emergency training.


Smoke. Crédits :
Here you will find our specialized equipment related to smoke production for fire training and fire simulation purposes: smoke generators and cartridges.

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