Low pressure CO2 filling station :

Filling unit for CO2 extinguishers, only from a low pressure tank (approx. 15-20 bar)

Automatic cut out of filling process.
Suitable for filling extinguishers from 2 to 45 kg.
Filling output: 5 kg/min.
Electric motor: 1,5 kW.
Pressure relief valve: 2 x 130 bar.
Power supply: 400 V: 50Hz.
IP rating: 54.
- Total weight: 175 kg.
- Pump stand: 98 kg.
- Control desk with support: 37 kg.
- Floor scales with ramp: 44 kg.
- Pump stand: L.845 x H.351 x D.600 mm.
- Control desk with support: L.440 x H.1200 x D.430 mm.
- Floor scales with ramp: L.580 x H.1100 x D.1135 mm.

Ref.: ISRC0051

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