Medium pressure CO2 filling stations :

Carbon dioxide filling unit designed for refilling 2-6 kg CO2 extinguishers and cartridges from medium pressure tanks with liquid CO2.

EN 292 and EN 60204.

CO2 filling station with digital floor scales.
Operating pressure of approx. 50 bar.
Automatic cut out.
Suitable for filling CO2 cartridges and extinguishers up to 6 kg.
Electric motor: 0.75 kW.
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz.
Filling output: 2.5 kg/min.
Pressure relief valve: 130 bar.
F1B filling head supplied as standard item.
Includes 3 adapter flanges and 5 closing devices.
F3 filling head option (at extra cost).
Weight: 80 kg.
Dimensions: W.1080 x H.540 x D.425 mm.

Ref.: ISRC0010

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