Servex trolley :

This Cordia Servex trolley facilitates transportation and maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire safety tools. Lightweight and foldable.

Aluminium mobile trolley.
Supplied with tool case and two removable rods for an easy conversion into two-wheeled trolley.
Dimensions unfolded: W.500 x H.1000 x D.550 mm.
Dimensions folded: W.500 x H.1100 x D.250 mm.

Main functions:
- Transportation of cartridges, powders and spare parts, modular and stackable boxes. Available height: H.530 mm.
- Ergonomic design for extinguisher maintenances/service.
- Mobile workstation.
- Transport of extinguishers and rods.
- Foldable for easy vehicle loading and storage. Weight: 12.8 kg.

Ref.: ISER0300

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