Features for Universal pressure vents ref. TVOS1221 :

This intumescent grille can be installed with an SHX pressure vent to achieve a 60-minute insulation value. Free vent area of the grille has been blast tested to show no loss of pressure relief when along with a SHX vent.

Installed in the factory or can be retrofitted.

Ref.: TGII6020

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Pressure vents SHX 500

Pressure vents SHX 500. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

Free vent area : 0.212 m^2
Fire rating : 240 min
Min. wall thickness :... More info

Ref.: TVOS1221

Dynamic weather louvre

Dynamic weather louvre. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

The Dynamic Weather Louvre complements the SHX universal pressure relief vents offering superior wind and weather protection without restricting the internal vents Free Vent Area. DWL offer 98% wind seal, improved sound reduction and improved thermal rating compared to fixed louvres.

Ref.: TGAI3020

Egg crate cover grilles

Egg crate cover grilles. Crdits : ©myfiresafetyproducts.com 2021

These range are powder coated Aluminium egg crate grilles. Provides a decorative finish, if required, for covering frames and SHX units.

Ref.: TGDI3020

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