Stress generators :

Impressive way of enhancing fire training scenarios combining smoke, light and sound effects in one tool.

Realistic all-in-one training aid.
Just one single tool: non toxic smoke, interactive sounds, Led visual effects.
7 scenarios of 5 min + 7 interactive sounds.
Smoke output: 120 m3/min at 1,5 m.
Smoke fluid, FPFE0800.
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz.
Remote control via training tablet
Weight: 15 kg.
Dimensions: L.300 x H.470 x D.300 mm.

Ref.: FEVA0080

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Satellit large fire flame generator with water

Satellit large fire flame generator with water. Crédits :

Producing real flames, this large stainless steel fire flame generator can be easily monitored from a remote controller or training tablet (Smartway compatible)

Ref.: FGFE1703

Stressit (audio-visual effect simulator)

Stressit (audio-visual effect simulator). Crédits :

This audio-visual effect simulator is the ideal fire safety training tool. Stressit works perfectly with smoke generators and helps create more realistic situations thanks to its 7 scenarios of 5 minutes and 7 interactive sounds. Stressit is also Smartway compatible.

Ref.: FSAS0080